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Kaossilator Pro Notes

Last weekend I wrote a little application in Processing which allows to send notes from a keyboard or midi device to Kaossilator Pro.
To run it you need Java VM installed, I’m only able to test the Windows version, I will try to test the other versions (Linux / Mac).

Quick Start
  1. Connect Kaossilator Pro to your computer via USB or MIDI
  2. Set SCALE to "Chr" on your Kaossilator Pro
  3. Set NOTE RANGE to "4oct" on your Kaossilator Pro
  4. Set your keyboard as MIDI IN
  5. Set Kaossilator Pro as MIDI OUT
  6. Enjoy!

Change CC to controlY-Pad
You can change CC# which yuo want to use for controlling Y-Pad, Mod Whell is set by defualt.

Calibrate control range
You can calibrate the values of CC which we use to control Y-Pad, to do that you have to click on “CALIBRATE” button and adjust the minium and maxium value.

Use velocity to control Y-Pad
Activating the option “USE VEL.” you will able to control Y-Pad with keys velocity.

Store Settings
All settings are stored immediately after you have changed them, so the next time you run the application settings will be there exactly as you leave them.

  • The note range is 4oct because FULL RANGE can change for each preset according user manual.
  • You can set up any scale or note range but the behavior will be unexpected.
  • Due we are emulating a midi control instead sending notes, Kaossilator Pro can only receive one note at time.

About the application
The application was developed on Processing using the Midi Bus and crontrolP5 libraries.


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  1. Thanks! Works great in Windows when Windows wants to work. Not sure if the app is to blame in Mac, but I have to unplug / replug in the USB cable for my Kaossilator Pro every now and then to keep it responding.

    Anyways! I used it in this short tech demo and gave you credit.


    1. Hi, great setup!!! I glad that application was usefull for you.

      There is a bug in the application and it could be the source of your issue. I've been really busy in last months but I will release a new version with the bug fixed.

  2. i can't connect my nanokey to kaossilator pro :(
    this app determine either the nanokey IN and OUT or Kaosspad Pro IN and OUT, but i cant setup nanokey to in, and kaossilator to out...
    can you help me?

    1. That's weird, you just only setup your nanokeys as MIDI IN and the "KAOSSILATOR PRO 1 SOUND" as MIDI OUT.

      I'm not sure what could be happening, it should work.

  3. Thanks to provide this information.I just did not try it with windows but i will try to connect it .Hope it will work.

    kaossilator pro

  4. Congratulations on this fine little app! I am using Windows 7 64 bit with both the Kaossilator and the Kaoss Pad. It works a treat for me. The only glitch I have is that the Kaossilator and the Pad sometimes get out or sync tempo-wise. I don't know if it's a Korg problem or a small bug with your app but in any case it's something I can live with. Again, well done for a app which works well and looks lovely in operation. Ian.

  5. Hey, thanks for your greate Tool but I can only set the Kaossilator or Keyboard as MIDI IN and the output options are just gervill, microsoft midi wrapper or microsoft gs wavetable synth. Can't choose my Kaossilator as Midi OUT =(

  6. Great job - this is an invaluable resource! I think it's pretty lame that Korg doesn't include external controlling OF the Kaossilator from another device - i.e. synth, sequencer etc. I got it going on my Xiosynth after a lot of fiddling around and using the program generously provided here for free.

    For those unclear about the set up, both the synth/ controller and the Kaossilator need to be plugged into the computer - i.e. the computer is the "middle" device. (Maybe it seems stupid, but at first I thought the Kaossilator was the "middle" device, and not the computer.)

    For those using XioSynth and USB cables, in synth mode you need:
    1) The Synth out port set to USB on the Xiosynth.
    2) The MIDI channel on the Kaossilator set to channel 1 - a mistake I made causing much grief!
    3) The Kaossilator is in normal mode NOT ext. ctrl - this is for controlling an external device with the Kaossilator.
    4) Be careful of the octave setting on the Xiosynth. If it is set too high, then MIDI will not be transmitted to the program. You will need to adjust them down.
    5) The synth and Kaossilator should be connected to the computer before starting up the program.
    6) In the program, select Keyboard, MIDI In, Xiosynth; Kaossilator Pro MIDI In/ Out Kaossilator Pro. (For me it says Kaossilator Pro 1 Pad and Kaossilator Pro 1 Sound, but I think this varies.)

    Thanks heaps for this. Any chance we can get a bit of polyphony?

  7. Regarding the last comment, better on controller mode Apple Logic 7 for some reason...

  8. Saludos acabo de descargar el kaossilator notes pero me dice que el archivo esta corrupto al descomprimir? podrías verificar que este funcionando correctamente el vinculo mil gracias amigo

  9. Hi, can we use "Kaossilator Pro Notes" with "Kaossilator Pro+" also?
    Can we play on a keyboard connected to a Mac by a USB cable?

  10. Hi, I have Kaossilator PRO+ / Midi Keyborard eEvolution MK425C / Mac OsX
    I cant make it work. I plug KAoss to usb with MAC and Keyboard midi cable out to midi in to KAoss. I open the program but it doesnt let me configure de litlle windows of Midi in the soft.
    Can you help me? thanks!

  11. Hi, install the program but does not function. I get the error "not especificadfo" I'm running windows 7 64bit. Thank you

  12. I came up with a very similar, but hardware solution (beginner friendly, 12 Eur Part required, no assembly, soldering). If anyone is interested:

  13. this is what i have dreaming of, but the down load link is unusable. can you share a new link? please