martes, 24 de enero de 2012

Kaossilator Pro Missing Features

I bought a Kaossilator Pro a couple of days ago and I found that there are some missing features:

  1. I cannot undo the last overdub, I mean, if I record a new sound over an existing loop and I mess up, I cannot undo that change. This can be done with the Kaossilator.
  2. I cannot join 2 loops, in fact, this option could solve the first problem mentioned.
  3. I cannot send Kaossilator Pro notes from a MIDI keyboard, sometimes a melody I want to add a little more complex melody to a loop and using only the pad is complicated.
  4. Gate Patterns from original Kaossilator are missing, we have control over the 2 parameters of the gate arpeggiator but patterns are fun and easy to use.

Regarding the first 2 problems there is not much that we can do, would be nice if Korg solves this with a firmware update.

But the last 2 problems can be solved using Kaossilator Pro MIDI capabilities, I will try to solve these problem by writing or configuring an application and then I will tell you.

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  1. Here's a way to undo an overdub: